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My sim racing motion rig version 2

I have really enjoyed having a motion simulator platform for sim racing. It's fairly close to real world racing, but costs a LOT less money, and there isn't that risk of serious injury, or death ☠️

I started down this path almost 3 years ago, and with the Oculus Rift bringing

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0 Comments 19 June 2017
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Pedal location tweak

Gaming Rig Update

The location of the pedals was never quite right, with the steering wheel in a comfortable location, lots of clutch use would leave you with a sore ankle.

To fix this I moved the pedal-set back a notch and lifted it up at the front, this adds

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0 Comments 15 April 2016
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My Sim Racing Gaming Rig

Gaming Rig Overview

I have been getting a few questions about my rig, mainly about the projector and screen, so here are some details!

The projector is a BenQ W1080ST (short throw), it is mounted 14″ down from the ceiling and about 90″ away from the screen. The screen is

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0 Comments 02 January 2016
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SimXperience DIY Motion rig - This has been my project for the last many months, I wanted to build a small form factor 3DOF motion simulator for sim racing. There is still a bit to do, I am waiting on a delayed delivery of my Fanatic shifter, and I would

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0 Comments 17 March 2015