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I built a wifi "walkie" talkie for my kids; now you can too!

Introducing talkiepi

talkiepi is a wifi "walkie" talkie for your kids and their friends. It provides a very simple "push to talk" interface. When you push the button and talk, all the other talkiepis in the channel will hear what is being said.

talkiepi uses Mumble for its voice communication

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0 Comments 02 September 2016
In Starndard
Building an Internet Walkie Talkie using a Raspberry Pi v3

Introducing talkiepi.

New post: http://projectable.me/i-built-a-wifi-walkie-talkie-for-my-kids-now-you-can-too/

Ive had this idea for a VERY long time, to build a relatively cost effective, kid friendly, internet enabled walkie talkie. It has to be as simple as an oldschool walkie talkie to use, but it should run over wifi and allow

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0 Comments 21 August 2016